What is magnetic lock or Mag lock ?    

The metallic cable is not any more magnetized when the electric current is interrupted. Elector magnet, can get failed, and door remain unlock in the case of power out. Due to unlocking  as a result of electric outage  fundamental operating assumption of this elector magnet or mag lock get disturbed.

In case of any emergency or force failure to disable the locks, then the magnets might be manipulated. Electric current is temporarily interrupted by using a push button, keypad card or even card reader. After few seconds, the current will reinstate, therefore shut the door and connect bind the entrance gate to the door frame. This lock setup upwards is assembled by adjusting a full bowl of metal (usually iron) into your gate and connect magnet with the door frame.


  • The lock will probably start in the case of an urgent situation (fail-safe ).
  • The lock is forced to start with almost any electric signaling procedure (keyword, swipe, a movement detector, bio metrics, etc.)
  • Ordinarily, from 600 kilos to 1,200 lbs or a lot of carrying drive.
  • Cons :

    • The safety might be overcome with disrupting the power from the construction (called as failsafe ).
    • The doorway could possibly find a way to function as pried open up based upon the difference between your door and framework (drive demanded is predicated upon the magnetic lock carrying drive ).

    What is a Mag lock Mag-Lock

    How does a magnetic lock work?

    Perhaps not unlike everything you know concerning magnetic, magnetic locks operate from south and north end assembly and sealing, however magnetic door locks utilize a electrical current to generate a powerful magnetic drive.

    Magnetic locks use an unmanned ability to prevent doors from opening, so that they are best for safety. Mag locks, just like the Deed lock mag locks are composed of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The plate is linked to the door, alongside the magnetic into the door frame. Depending on the lock selected, is dependent upon the voltage and power of this electromagnetic force. The rule is the costlier the electromagnetic lock the greater the holding pressure, it may vary anything in 250kg all the way up to an impressive 1000kg.

    Because they need power to stay secured, this enables them to become fail safe, making perceptible door locks secure to be used as emergency exits. In the event the power was assumed to really go out in a fire by way of a fire relay or telephone button, but then a door could unlock, subsequently allowing individuals to leave the construction.

    An Electro-Magnetic lock makes a magnetic discipline when powered or pumped upward, inducing an electromagnet and also armature plate to eventually become drawn to each other ardently adequate to continue to keep a door from launching. Since they might require the capability to stay closed, this makes it possible for them to be more fail-safe, creating perceptible door locks safe and sound to use as emergency exits. In case the ability was supposed to go outside at a flame by means of a hearth re lay or telephone button, perhaps the door could unlock, then allowing visitors to leave the construction.

    Uses of a magnetic lock

  • For glass doors, single doors and double doors, automatic swing and sliding doors.
  • With access control systems with proximity readers, credential scanners, keypads or biometric input.
  • For fail-safe applications, including emergency exits, delayed egress and controlled egress doors.
  • Comparison of different Mag locks in terms of characteristics

    LockApplicationHolding ForceMonitor TypeMagnets
    Deedlock Slimline Magnetic LocksDoorsUp to 500lbsMonitored or UnmonitoredSingle or Double
    Deedlock Micro Magnetic LocksDoor or Internal CompartmentsUp to 300lbsUnmonitored OnlySingle
    Deedlock Standard Magnetic LocksInternal & Entrance DoorsUp to 1100lbsMonitored, Unmonitored & Double MonitoredSingle or Double
    Securitron M32 MagnalockInternal DoorsUp to 600lbsMonitoredSingle
    Securitron SAM Shear MagnalockDoorsUp to 1200lbsMonitored or UnmonitoredSingle
    GeoFire Conquest Type 59 Magnetic Fire Door HolderFire DoorsUp to 50lbsn/an/a
    Deedlock External Magnetic LocksWooden or Metal GatesUp to 1200lbsMonitoredSingle
    Securitron M82 MagnalockGate or FenceUp to 1800lbsMonitoredSingle

    Benefits of Magnetic lock

    Long-term Financial Benefits On Crucial Savings

    With most facilities, the employee turnover is a fact of life. As employees come and go, they must have the right keys made to make them access your centre. The further secure the locking machine, the more costly it is to have keys made, and the longer the turn around period.

    Sometimes, the departure of an employee can mean that entire locking procedures need to be changed for several points of entrance, and new keys issued to all employees. Whenever you are managing multiple places, the expense can be quite significant.

    Access control systems are not as expensive to upgrade, therefore costing only a small amount of staff time. Many cards and fobs combined with maglock systems can be re-magnetized over and repeatedly as codes change. In the example of number mat codes, it's only an issue of enabling new access codes.

    Elimination Of Dropped Keys as Being a Security Menace

    However attentive employees are all, earlier or later someone can drop a secret. Within the instance of conventional bodily keys, then this is sometimes described as a security crisis.

    Using an entry management platform, person cards might be disabled with the program administrator inside moments, and also a fresh card issued for the worker.

    Much more Information About Bonded Area Utilization

    Many fundamental systems mechanically capture swipe intervals to get different cards, that may offer useful data if there is a protection situation.

    Based upon the platform, directors may find invaluable usage advice which may be utilized to aid companies come across approach efficiencies. Some strategies may help construction supervisors find options for financial benefits on matters including light, heating system, and heating when no person is having a distance.

    Remote-access Handle

    You can find a number of conditions when nobody really has got a fantastic rationale to stay a bonded distance. Many entry management systems might be configured to avoid any entry in times.


    Mechanical locks really are at the mercy of lots of tears and wear within the years, and also lots tend to be breakage. Maglock might be likely to continue the duration of this entranceway.

    Basic safety

    What is a Mechanism of Magnetic lock ? Mag locks are by and large installed to"fail to open up", meaning in the event the ability has been cut, then they even float mechanically. This will signify that the gap between death and life in case of a flame.

    Mechanical locks possess safety capabilities way too, but warlocks can save important moments for those seeking to flee a construction with numerous doors that are locked.

    Benefits Of Setup

    The padlock components on Dynamic Closures doorways is possible for access-control platform builders to put in. The ability stems directly from the current alert clock system.

    Picking the Right Mag Lock

    Whenever selecting that What is a Mag lock or padlock to select, you've got to simply take quite a few of variables into consideration -- maybe not simply in regard for the magnetic lock, but likewise the sort and measurement of doorway, what exactly the aim of the door would be and also the frequency of utilization.

    RGL possess a Wide Selection of magnetic locks, yet to split down it only because they Arrive in 4 different Measurements :

    What is a Magnet lock 100 

     Mg lock 100 - that allows approximately 100lb or even 60kg of carrying drive. It perhaps is perfect for usage in closets, machines, boxes and many of additional bespoke entry management answers.

    What is a Mag lock 300

    What is a Mag lock 300 - hat gives as much as 300-lb or even 180kg of transmitting energy, and it's most widely applied to non-hazard access-control projects along with in most regions where distance could possibly be a problem. But it might  be acceptable for several occupations, but frequently missed in favor of their miniature padlock.

    Magnetic lock 600 

    About Mag lock 600 - both the slim-line or miniature padlock since it is normally understood. These would be definitely the absolute most widely used locks from the entry control market. They supply around 600lb or even 280kg of carrying drive. They therefore are appropriate for several do or type s and offer a whole lot of retaining drive within a condensed transportation method.

     Mag lock 1200 

    That the most significant lock inside our scope, supplying up to 1200lb or even 545kg of carrying drive. These consider at 4.5pound every day, are merely appropriate for large responsibility doors where a top degree of access management safety is demanded.

    Therefore today you have chosen the carrying drive, another thing you want to make a decision is if you want an un-monitored padlock or some tracked What is a Mg lock .

    The un-monitored lock (e.g. What is a Mglock  600) is still only a simple lock without the outside detectors to support perhaps the magnet is either unlocked or locked.

    The tracked padlock ( What is a Mg-lock 600 - M), provide you accessibility to outside tracking

    apparatus that may provide an outside indicator to (sounds or visible ) to ensure the doorway was opened. Of use in the case, you've got a reception or entrance terrace.

    The subsequent alternative is quite straightforward, have you got one doorway along with perhaps a dual pair door?

    For one do or you may pick the magnet codes we have been talking.

    To get a dual doorway, you may pick a dual-sided lock (e.g. ML600-D or even ML600-DM).

    And the Concluding option when choosing that padlock to utilize would be What Sort of bracket 

    that you Want to buy it (if any)

    Conclusion :

    Many magnetic locks have a mounting plate on the top of these. This provides you with the chance to spend the padlock within an outside opening doorway, so for so long because there's certainly sufficient distance to place inside to the base of the door framework.

    Whenever there's an inadequate area from the door framework you may need to get an'L' bracket (e.g. BK600L). This empowers the padlock to become mounted onto the outside the frame as well as the armature plate will be fitted right on the entry way. This is going to be very for outside opening doorways.


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