The Best Guide for the Finest Trailer Hitch Lock Evaluations 2020

1 matter trailer proprietors have a tendency to forget is that the value of owning a high-tech trailer Best Locking Hitch Pin Lock. They most likely believe that nobody is planning to select some full time and try a prosecution of something rather big like a preview.

However, now we are living in a loony Earth, also you can find several diverse examples of folks making off with a person otherwise preview. Of course, should such folks only needed a high-profile trailer lock, then this particular nightmare practical experience may have certainly not taken place.

Like a consequence, you always need to be sure your valuables are guarded. After all, even in the event that you are anything similar to me, I am convinced your retail store a few amazingly crucial stuff within your own trailer. Even the optimal/optimally trailer hitch lock will probably soon be a great shield of those firearms.

Bearing this in mind we thought that you can apply a post which may help direct you towards those elite trailer paychecks. In doing this we aim at earning your shopping experience as easy as feasible provide together with the current data that you ought to guarantee you're pleased with your buy.

Please, continue reading and let's assist you to shield the situations you hold most precious. 

12 Best Trailer Hitch Lock Evaluations 2019

At the item review section, we share what we consider are the greatest obtainable trailer Best Locking Hitch Pin locks in the market place. By doing so, it is going to make you comfortable with all the options out there. Additionally, it will assist you to know exactly what you should be looking for in a high-profile trailer hitch lock.

Master Lock Reciver Trailer Hitch Lock

Our very first item, the Master Lock Receiver Trailer Hitch lock, will be a high-quality option that comes from a manufacturing company, which comes with a sterling standing. And it's products will appear numerous times on this list to get a wide variety of unique reasons.

With this specific Master Driver trailer hitch lock, now '' I like the way they assembled this lock as its stainless construction results in an amazingly durable thing that'll help safeguard your trailer to get a very long moment. It also is versatile because it truly is capable of matching class I to IV hitches, making it best for my group III hitch.

Plus it could do so because of its locking pin hitch can fit both 1/2 and ⅝ recipients. Very awesome, right? Well, the outstanding features don't stop there since it's a watertight cap which will help lessen the effects certain climate conditions can have on the ethics of the lock screen.

I am talking about, I live in a rain noninvasive kind of position, so that can really benefit my specific requirements, and I would imagine it'd really be beneficial to anybody irrespective of the climate where you live. Additionally, it has the drive to lock mechanism that makes this item exceptionally user-friendly.

However, these features couldn't make this system great. A few customer reviews expressed concern about the flimsiness of those keys. It seems the keys accompanying this lock possess a typical inclination to split, which for somebody like me, who is rather sloppy, can be a significant matter.
In any other case, I did not find lots of issues being reported relating to this item. Ergo, if it matches the dimensions of the lock you desire because it does for me, I don't see the other reason that you should not at least think about what this thing from Master Lock.

Pros :

  • Two Acquiring options: 1-pack or 2-pack.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Watertight cap.
  • Push-to lock mechanism.
  • Supports Class I to IV hitches

Cons :

  • Toughness Worries surrounding keys Staying breakable.

Proven Locks 2516 AS Trailer Coupler Lock

The most established Locks Trailer Coupler Lock might be your ideal trailer coupler lock we will review in this guide.  I mean, you'll find nothing more you could request that this lock will not provide strength shrewdly.

In addition, it is made out of the US producer, which for me is something I like to determine. If it's manufactured in the USA, I can enjoy it to be able to pass all of the strict regulations that the US has there businesses proceed.

But the optimal/optimally thing concerning the product is that it's incredibly easy to set up. There is nothing worse than buying something than finding out you might have zero clues how exactly to make the item do the job. Along with also given the compliments, the installment process is becoming from your item critiques I doubt this will probably be a problem.

The company even threw into a lifetime warranty just to make sure that you are aware of how much faith they have in this trailer hitch lock. An honestly this product might be the highest-quality thing we examine on this entire checklist. And that's saying anything because each lock is incredible in its own right.
Though this particular has just one significant issue that's keeping it straight from being indoors my Amazon cart at this time, the price is ridiculous. It's not really close to exactly what I might afford. It's a pity too since I really do think this coupler trailer hitch lock would be ideal for my circumstances.

Pros :

  • Made Within the U S A.
  • 1/4 thick steel structure.
  • Easy install.
  • Can secure security chains.
  • Whole Life warranty

Cons :

  • Unbelievably costly.

Master 389DAT Lock Couplers Trailer Lock

Our second learn Lock product or service, the Master Lock Couplers Trailer Lock 389DAT, features lots of unique features whom I find captivating. And that I wouldn't assume anything apart with the provider since there is maybe not really a lock they will have made that hasn't been of high-quality.

The very first factor that stands out about this particular lock is its own versatility. And as my needs inserted into that array, I'm all aboard with this Best Locking Hitch Pin.

But its flexibility is not even the optimal/optimally section, this system similar to the 1 review earlier it, is in fact very affordable. As somebody who will not make the absolute most money in the world, this reasonable price could help make this whole approach a lot more manageable because of me.

It also helps that it does an incredible job at decreasing the probability of rust and corrosion by being created from weather resistant material. Nevertheless, probably the most distinctive feature about the item is to do with something utterly surprising: that the coloration.

Master Driver had the brilliant idea of coloring this particular lock reddish, which makes it stand alone out from the public. And by doing so, makes it far more unlikely that a burglar would choose to slip it. Put simply, the reddish coloring implies it has really a much tougher target for anyone seeking to repaint a trailer.
But with these attributes, there is a single significant issue which tends to make me question this lock. It doesn't always have a unique vital style, so keys are roaming out there together with capacities to open up this trailer hitch lock; I just would not be familiar with that as an individual customer.

Pros :

Universal size: matches 1-⅞, 2, 2-5/16 inch couplers
Two buying options: 1 pack or two bunch
Rust and corrosion-resistant
Bright red color discourages thieves
Easy installment

Cons :

No special crucial layout.

Reese Tow power Tow' N STORE Lock Package

The Reese Tow power Tow' N STORE Lock Kit comes equipped with 3 separate lock options that'll certainly cover anything it really is you need in a trailer hitch lock screen. I would suggest I actually don't envision a situation where one of these 3 lock alternatives wouldn't be used within your software.

Given this versatility and amount of selections, you'd likely expect this kit to be incredibly pricey, but is in reality inexpensive. I mean, I had been shocked after I first stumbled upon this particular agreement from Reese, and it is notorious for generating top-notch towing relevant services and products.

Seeing the real products, this kit comes with just two receivers (one for course I & II hitches along with with another for class III and above hitches) plus a coupler trailer hitch lock. All three are demonstrated employed from the numerous client reviews cautioned their own performance.

Even the coupler hitch lockin particular has been the one who came out to me to get several explanations. For example, the heavy-duty steel bar has been durably made and does so without being heavy, and it is a plus for me.

In addition, it is a bright color which causes it to be a very good theft deterrent because it truly is readily evident in people areas. This aspect will surely scare away anybody looking to speedily slip your trailer and meander away with this at a couple of minutes.

But the coupler, specifically, comes with a substantial issue that makes this product a difficult one to think; it has been assembled with aluminum material. This aluminum substance is considered to become rather brittle and might be destroyed with a couple of hammer blows.
Consequently, if you are looking to get a coupler hitch lock, I would look elsewhere.

Pros :

  • A top-quality steel lock bar.
  • Shiny yellow shade to dissuade thieves.
  • Cheap.
  • Three distinct lock choices: coupler along with 2 receivers.
  • Effortless to Put in.

Cons :

The coupler Is Made from the aluminum structure.

Master Lock 377KA Trailer Coupler Lock

Very well, following is a shocker; the following item from Master Lock. The Master Lock Trailer Coupler Lock selects where one other service and products out of this manufacturer still left off with its high quality. I would suggest, there's very little I could complain about it great trailer hitch lock.

Honestly, the numerous application use feature makes this Best Locking Hitch Pin is overly elastic for someone maybe not to consider. I know for a fact it would work perfectly with my coupler and I would imagine it will likely be suited to yours too well.

Additionally, it helps that Master Lock provides the consumer with a lifetime warranty, which helps make me comfortable with this kind of item. I regularly enjoy a company who is ready to expect fault if their product happens to malfunction.

The truth is it really is easy to install isn't too shabby either and makes this entire process a lot easier. This kind of facet vaults this lockup toward the top of my list. I don't need any fresh problems in my life, also the product doesn't provide any. Additionally, it really is affordable which is a fundamental piece with this whole mystery.

It's made from durable rust-resistant and corrosion resistant material, that will be ideally suited for your moist climate at which I live. I don't think that I could just buy a trailer hitch lock that did not at least have some protection against those unpleasant ailments.
However as with the other Master Lock coupler lock, it will not always have a distinctive primary layout, and this factor will not mesh nicely with what I wanted from my trailer hitch lock. I'd like just as much protection as possible for my own preview and also a lock using a distinctive keyword design will not provide that as far since I'd want.

Pros :

  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Multiple programs use: fits 1-⅞, 2, 2-5/16 inch couplers.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cheap.
  • Produced from durable cloth that's rust and rust-resistant

Cons :

  • No particular crucial design

Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch Keyed Locking Pin

Even the Andersen Hitches speedy Hitch Keyed Locking Pin is another worthwhile product anybody trying to find a trailer hitch lock should consider. It has a stainless steel construction that makes it a top-notch product, that may satisfy a good deal of customers demands.

This stainless construction will additionally allow it to withstand any hammer blows that a burglar may attempt to bring upon it. Honestly, some clients said how shocked they were from the amount of damage that this product can take in light of a failed attempt by stealing their trailers.

I also love the way that it is able to suit both 2 and 2 1/2 inch receivers, which is great for my class III hitch that's in desperate need for a new lock. Of course, should I really do buy the product, I wouldn't have to be concerned about draining my bank account to do so as it truly is tons cheap.

Which is somewhat unexpected given that the sum of effort Andersen Hitches put into creating a virtual rust and rust verification solution. It is remarkable the quantity of damage this lock can defy in the harshest aspects.

I had to feel tremendously confident bring this preview hitch lock in the way with me since it's more than just capable of defending my trailer and itself from some other problems which may promote themselves. There's nothing in regards to the product or service itself that I really could find myself complaining about.

I really do, however, have one issue with all producer of the product. According to the client opinions, their consumer service is utterly awful as individuals would often complain of having issues getting a hold of someone.
This issue will absolutely make me have second thoughts about acquiring this particular lock. In truth, it simply seems lazy in their character.

Pros :

  • Stainless Steel building.
  • Suits all normal 2 and two 1/2 inch recipients.
  • Cheap.
  • 99% rust free stuff.
  • Cam-style Fastener 

Cons :

  • Problems with customer service.

BOLT Receiver Lock

In an industry where many of these merchandises possess exactly the very same characteristics, the BOLT Receiver Lock was able to get a distinctive function. This characteristic creates this trailer hitch lock probably the very user-friendly option we've got on this list.

And the feature is the lock's ability to clear away the need for another essential. See, in case you should be blessed enough your tow car stems from one the subsequent brand names (Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep), then you have the capacity to use your car's ignition key to unlock and lock this product.

It may not seem like a major bargain, but for someone who is constantly misplacing items, but I have to say this attribute is extraordinary. Other than this exceptional element, this Best Locking Hitch Pin has some others that are worth mentioning.

For instance, it has a stainless steel shutter that'll stop dust and humidity out of ruining the lock which is always a plus. Additionally, it includes a weather-resistant jacket which will further reduce the consequence the weather has to the operation of the lock.

The lifetime warranty is also a nice touch that shouldn't be overlooked; consistently wonderful to know a company has faith in its own product. And so they resisted the temptation of overpricing such a wonderful item, added in an auto-return spring, that Best Locking Hitch Pin locks mechanically once the key will be removed, once and for all step.
In the long run, BOLT did an excellent job creating an item which burst out of the pack and also made me wish I could purchase it. But sadly, I actually don't have a vehicle in one of those brand names, which makes this product maybe not a buy able one for me. Guess I'll have to make myself a vehicle in a number of those brands.

Pros :

Lifetime limited guarantee
will open together with your car's ignition crucial
Stainless Steel lock shutter to keep grime and Dampness outside
Weather-resistant jacket
Auto-return spring which locks instantly after essential removed

Cons :

Only operates with certain vehicles from specific manufacturers
(Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep).

Trimax Key Receiver Lock

Initially, however certainly not least product in the Trimax, the Trimax Key Receiver Lock, features plenty of interesting capabilities that I find to be useful in a receiver trailer hitch lock screen. The very first being its O-ring seal is definitely wonderful.

This ring seal may completely retain dirt, grime, and dust outside of their locking mechanism; which is crucial to resisting the dreadful effects that rust and corrosion could have on such types of products.

Then, you add from the protective rubber cap, also this trailer hitch lock is about to defy the worst mum nature has to offer. I don't there is just another lock within this full set with this level of protection against weather conditions.

Inside this capability, this Best Locking Hitch Pin lock smokes its competition. In addition, it does a very great career in another spot, flexibility. As soon as it's perhaps not the very flexible item on this list, it will not possess the capability to be more usable together with most of the high rates of paychecks courses (class III to class V).

Plus, it has a hardened steel structure that can ensure it remains useful for a long time in the future. I question that a person wielding a hammer might get as a result of this receiver hitch lock without some severe effort and time, which most burglars are not likely to place fourth.

But these things Tri-Max failed right is almost completely obliterated out with just one pressing issue: that the customer service financing it -- several people complained about having issues calling and reaching any man about setup or packaging issues.
It is simply not something you want to find outside a new as tremendously respected since this one. Yet, I actually don't think I could prevent myself from buying the system for this.

Pros :

  • O-ring seal retains water, dirt out dirt of their bending system.
  • Hardened steel construction.
  • Fits all classes out of III to V receivers.
  • Protective rubber cap adds further security about ecological facets.
  • The corresponding key is extremely durable also as

Cons :

Customer-service problems 

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set

The Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Place is perhaps one of many absolute most straightforward products to use with this whole list. It has a very simple drive to Best Locking Hitch Pin lock operation which even I will determine quickly. I am talking about, a trailer hitch lock will not find much simpler to work with than that specific one.

And also they create it, even more, user-friendly by placing it all in a place that accompanies numerous features to ensure everything goes swimmingly. Honestly, Motormic idea of that which should they placed that place together.

I can't envision an individual who would be miserable with all the number of extra qualities you receive for this purchase: 10 anti-rattle rings, two keys, extra-long black, a safety clip, etc.. All this comes at an inexpensive price too.

I didn't even mention how the product could fit every hitch class from I to V, which again, speaks to just how user-friendly this lock is for the customer who buys it. It also has a steel construction that communicates a feeling of longevity plus that the product will likely have the long term.

Additionally, it has my favorite function, the plastic cap, that shields the lock contrary to some other dust or grime that tries to weasel its way in the fastening. Everything about that certain item is topnotch and also would be a worthwhile buy for anybody searching for a trailer Best Locking Hitch Pin lock.

However, there was one thing which popped up quite frequently within my research which was just a little concerning. Multiple consumer reporting packaging issues whenever they received that the item from the mail: words like torn and damaged through which shared.
Merely just a little issue to consider just before you create your decision. If you requested me personally, I'd take the risk even with all the packaging given the quality of its performance.

Pros :

  • Fits all classes from I to V.
  • Cheap.
  • Steel structure.
  • Rubber cap for protection against dirt and grime.
  • A simple Drive to lock operation

Cons :

  • Packaging issues.
Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy-duty Locking Hitch Pin

The Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking Hitch Pin comes in 2 different dimensions: ⅝ pin or 1/2 pindown. I kind of enjoy with a choice I could fit precisely with my essential snare size instead of depending to a universal snare fulfilling my requirements.

It offers me a little more beliefs that the lock will probably actually fit perfectly in the place of overly loosely enjoy some of the universal sized ones are also understood to really do. I also like how Cocoweb equipped this lock having a Bar-Bell locking mechanism.

This attribute additionally further secures that the lock will probably fit snugly around the hitch. Whatever keeps the hitch tightly procured is positive in my own novel, and these 2 features accomplish that aspect entirely.

The effortless setup is another characteristic I like in this model. All you could want to do only slide it in, lock it, and you are good to go with no drilling or mounting mandatory. It is easy and directly for the purpose with no complicated dilemmas what I'm looking to get in a trailerBest Locking Hitch Pin lock.

Other than the characteristics, there isn't more to state about it model that wasn't discussed from the other reviews: it supports the I to IV courses includes a weatherproof cap to resist contrary to corrosion/rust, also can be cheap.

But there was one negative thing concerning this that did want a mention; actually, together with the weather-proof cap, this particular lock has made some customers crazy with the swift creation of rust. This isn't something or ideal that I want to see with the lock I really intend on obtaining.
Therefore, this particular product doesn't need my needs, but nevertheless, it may represent a superior value for someone looking for a trailer hitch lock for restricted use.

Pros :

  • Barbell locking mechanism.
  • Supports classes I-IV.
  • Weatherproof cap.
  • Two purchasing alternatives: ⅝ pin or 1/2 pin.
  • Easy installation

Cons :

Rust problems reported

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Common Trailer Lock

The Tri-Max UMAX100 high-quality Universal Trailer Lock is among our very durable products discussed within this post. Its tempered steel structure would get any thief think twice about attempting to steal your trailer.

Honestly, you'd have some severe problems trying to break this lock using a couple of hammer stinks. It would have a whole lot of effort and time; some thieves do not possess once they're attempting to pull off a score.

Additional complicating the burglar's intentions, this lock contains type A key that has spring loaded and also has a seven-pin high-security key. In other words, this secret is not a portion of a mass-produced lock style: it truly is relatively unique.

Just as someone who's uneasy using the notion of not having unique crucial layouts, this specific feature is really something I love. Discussing things I love, this lock additionally has ballistic grade nylon housing, which can absorb a number of hammer stinks.

All of these features simply seem like a thief's worst nightmare and isn't that what we would need out of the lock? It seems Tri-Max did an extraordinary project creating a top-notch product prepared to secure our valuables at all price.

However, the cost is also where all come for me personally with all this product. Watch, this version is pretty expensive, and I could not see myself investing much about a product like a lock. It only isn't something I need or should have to do.
However, if you have money to throw around and searching for the finest of their very best, then this trailer Best Locking Hitch Pin lock should function as the near the top of your checklist. It's got everything that you could want in a product similar to this and comprises a tiny more material you didn't even understand you wanted.

Pros :

  • Heavy-duty coupler.
  • Hardened-steel structure.
  • Type A key.
  • Ballistic tier nylon casing.
  • Common sized

Cons :

  • Costly
Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

Our last solution, the Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock is not anything particular, however, it does its task efficiently. Additionally, it has some traits which allow it to be worth concern for anyone trying to find a coupler lock in a fair price.

First off, it is manufactured in the USA, so that it passed through regulations that are baffling; hence, you know it is a secure and usable product. In addition, it features a thick steel locking rod that may endure the test of time

without any problems involving rust or corrosion.

However, the ideal part is this coupler lock has three hole rankings, which allows you to choose

 the position that is most suitable for your situation. As a customer, I never fail to like having multiple manners I will use a product, plus these 3 hole places offer me a few possibilities.

How this coupler lock is cheaper is another wonderful touch. I mean, in the event that you can't ever spend the money on the product, all the characteristics on earth do not issue. But thankfully, the price isn't a matter with this specific model, and I could say this is pretty priced.

However, there was one element with this specific lock I don't enjoy; it's aluminum structure. This type of content is lighter than metal, however, it's also more susceptible to hammer stinks. Therefore, I would much prefer a lock manufactured from steel or tempered steel cloth.
All in all, this product out of Baylock is high-quality, but I don't know if

 I'm comfortable buying a lock I would not have complete faith in seeing its operation. I think I would have to go onto this particular version.

Pros :

  • Produced in the U S A.
  • Three-hole positions for several coupler software.
  • Fits two plus 2 5/16 inch couplers.
  • Cheap.
  • Steel bending pole 

Cons :

  • Aluminum construction
What to Look for When Buying a Trailer Hitch Lock

With almost any product you're researching, there will soon be sure things that can decide whether

 an item is more high-quality. And trailer hitch locks are not planning to violate this mold since

you'll find specific things you have to look out for if attempting to locate​

the ideal trailer hitch lock for the requirements.

Hitch Class/Coupler Dimensions

Just like using RV's, your hitch includes its own class. 

You'll also need to specify the magnitude of the receiver on your vehicle/hitch and fit it into your lock too. Generally, you are going to want a 1-1/4 receiver lock for class I or II hitches,

as well as also a class III receiver or larger typically need a 2-inch receiver. In the event you don't, you might wind up buying something that you can not use.

Meanwhile, if you're searching for a coupler trailer hitch lock, you are able to ascertain which one you

want by matching it for the coupler's ball dimensions. If the ball is two inches in diameter,

 then you would need a coupler lock that is 2 inches too -- nearly all trailer coupler's ball size range

 between 1 ⅞ to 2 5/16 inches, which universal preview coupler hitch locks can suit.

It really is not a superior concept to purchase something without taking everything into account.

So please, before you end up investing in a trailer lock make sure you're receiving the ideal size. Don't be fooled into buying a receiver or coupler because it claims it is universal and fits any testimonial. Instead, read through the consumer reviews and the item description, and so that you know for

 sure before making money about it.

After all, that you don't desire to be losing dollars on a product you can't utilize. It makes no logical awareness.


The stuff that the lock is made with moves ways in ascertaining whether

it's really high-quality merchandise or perhaps not that you get. The high superior trailer

 hitch lock is going to be made by some form of high-quality or hardened metal.

Many lock manufacturers might promote the utilization of milder materials like aluminum emphasizing their own lightweight capabilities. However, you ought to avoid such products as their lighter weight makes them significantly easier to jump.

Lock Design

Some paychecks lock to use a key that may be employed for many services and products from an identical manufacturer. The organizations try so as it produces these items so much easier to mass produce. However, it makes another issue for that purchaser.

Let us imagine an individual get their fingers on these keys.
After allyou would like to set a limit on the chances your preview gets stolen anytime you can.
The Lock's Longevity

Some trailer hitch locks aren't likely to last long in certain climates. It is important that you locate a product that could withstand so much as the worst weather conditions
Trust in me if it does, customers will have whined about this. I mean, there is little that's more bothersome than a rusted lock. It only creates issues no purchaser will want to address during their RV trips.

It's also a great concept to be sure that the lock has a waterproof cap for your own keyhole before you end paying for. This attribute can also help lessen the risk your lock ultimately ends a casualty of rust. These features also talk with this caliber of the merchandise that you're taking a look at.

All in all, a good trailer hitch lock will probably do all in its capacity to guard

it self from corroding and water damage.


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